Casino chip clay poker set

Casino chip clay poker set casino freebies las vegas

Can be used for cash hold em games. Certain players prefer clay content in their cly because the chips have a duller texture and different feel than that of an ABS composite chip. Suitable for Texas Hold'em, Blackjack, Roulette.

Unlike all other clay chips in the sey, which come out of the factory with a rough harrahs casino phone, the InPlay Clay chip has an unmistakable smooth feel. We strongly recommend staying away from ABS. Select Your denominations in increments of 25s. The touch and feel of casinno Archetype casino chip line has a distinctive smooth yet textured linen finish. The Neophyte poker chip line contains a somewhat rubbery substance, which makes it approximate a clay chip far better than any other inexpensive poker chip out there.

We sell custom clay poker chips and personalized clay poker Kings Casino Poker Chip Set with Claysmith Aluminum Case - Piece. Casinos choose clay poker chips. Real clay poker chips should be your choice also. Discover how good a clay poker chip feels in your hand. Clay poker chips and other casino supplies for your home poker party. cent to dollar denominations of casino quality clay poker chips are ideal for World.

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